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Around Pokut: Pokut is 17 kilometers away from Çamlıhemşin. The scenery is no short of astounding. You can take a quick stroll in the open air and lay on the grass under the sun. On cloudy days, take a refreshing walk in the forest. Walking to the neighboring plateau Sal is also an option. Enjoy a picnic next to the water springs. Taste Mr. Ahmet’s famous coffee cooked on coal ash… Upon request, we can assist you in booking longer trekking tours.
Around Ortan: The village is located in the lush, green Fırtına Valley. The valley is full of surprises. You can hear the roar of the waves of River Fırtına in your room. Taking a stroll by the river will invigorate you, do away with whatever fatigue you may have. The house is located only 4 kilometers away from the center of Çamlıhemşin. You can sit and enjoy the valley here or meander among the green paths. Daily excursions to the historic stone bridges, century-old wooden mansions, the Zilkale Castle, the Palovit Falls and the Çat village are other options. We can arrange car rentals upon request.