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Wonders are created in a happy kitchen. What are the secrets to a happy kitchen? Flower-fed mountain cows’ milk, from which fresh cream, cheese and butter are made… Honey from flowers on the trees, jam made with fresh fruits, bread baked on the stove oven, fresh eggs from the chicken coop… The “muhlama” is a breakfast tradition that you must try. Our “muhlama” is particularly unique because we blend it with our own rich cow’s milk.

We make our amazing salad guided by our principle of “from the garden to the table.” The same goes for the hand rolled borek with greens. Beans, black cabbage, zucchini, spinach beet, scented mints… Eat the potatoes with the cream and the black cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, yoghurt and cream. The baklava goes well with the tea. The çullama is filled with chestnuts underneath thin layers of dough. Get a sweet taste of our kete, pilina and the milky şehriye. Perhaps you only take milk with your butter cookies? Well then, we invite you to our fairytale of luscious delights.

We gather blackberries and blueberries fresh from the forest and come evening we make our jam. In the morning you can spread the freshly made jam on your equally fresh loaf of bread. We blend our teas at night using clover, nettle and peppermint… Talented women turn these riches into wonders. That’s when the kitchen is happy, and so are we.