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We invite you to the best viewing deck of the Pokut Highlands overseeing the Kaçkar Mountains for a visual feast and a scrumptious taste of the local cuisine. We are at the peak of mountains with the clouds below us and are surrounded by a luscious pine forest.

In Plato’da Mola you will wake up and view the mountains, touch the sky and play tag with the fog. In our six-room house, you can start the day by smelling the fresh loaf of bread baking in the oven, listening to cowbells and drinking tea, brewed on a hot stove, or a freshening walk in the forest among paths laid out by forest fairies. As the day progresses, you can enjoy the sun on our deck and relax on the divan when it rains. Do not worry if the sky is “smoky,” as we call it here, this only means that Pokut is beckoning you to return for another visit.

It is just the right time to visit Pokut and give a break at Plato’da Mola to enjoy the thousand beautiful aspects of the Black Sea highlands and get a taste of the special dishes that the talented local chefs prepare. The scenery is nothing short of amazing. Welcome to the fairytale that is Pokut.